A funny story!  Micah has been scouring our bookshelves searching for books he hasn’t read or doesn’t remember reading.  He pulled out this book about how to become a knight and read it the other day.

So tonight at dinner Jeremy told me a story about something that happened while I was at a Bible study last night.  Jeremy said Jonas was laying on the floor in his bedroom for about an hour.  I asked what he was doing.  He said that he checked on him a few times and he kept telling him he was playing a game with Micah.

The thing is that Micah was in the living room watching a show with Jeremy. However, every now and then Micah would run into the bedroom and talk to Jonas and then come back.

I was very curious what game they were playing, so I asked Micah about it.  He said “oh we were playing a game where Jonas was becoming a knight.”  I asked why he kept leaving Jonas in the room by himself.  He explained in his knight book it stated that before a knight became a knight he spent time praying.

It turns out that they were pretending that their bedroom was a church and Jonas was to remain there praying until Micah told him he was done and could become a knight!  Oh man!  I was laughing so hard.

I read the section of the book the game was based on and this is what it says: “Then, dressed in a tunic and cloak, you have to spend an entire night kneeling in a church, praying that you’ll always be a good knight.”  I guess he’s lucky Micah didn’t leave him there until morning!