Commitment and a Concert (2009)

I am migrating my “notes” from Facebook.  This is from 2009.

On Sunday, October 18 we headed out from our house around 3:30 in the afternoon to drive to Norman for the U2 concert. We had bought our tickets 6 months ago, and finally the day had come to see the show. Loaded up with a full tank of gas, friends, and tons of tunes, we started off on our adventure.

What should have been a 2 hour drive turned into a 4.5 hour drive. Our plans to stop for dinner soon turned into fast food in the car, and our plans to be early soon resulted in us missing the opening act. We finally got to Norman and found the only place to park, a $15 parking garage. Upon paying the lady to park, she says “I hope there are still some parking spaces”. What? Surely you wouldn’t take our money if the spaces were all full? Thankfully, we were able to park and got to the stadium in time for intermission.

We found our seats and proceeded to wait for 45 minutes for the show to begin. Finally, 9:00 came – the stage lit up, smoke began to billow and music took over the arena. The excitement that exploded out of the 50,000+ fans was electric. We had a blast. We sang, we hollered, we cheered – we were truly part of the event. It is a memory I will not soon forget.

By 11:40 we were back in the car and proceeded to drive home which was another 3 hours in the car. In all we spent 7.5 hours in the car and 3.5 hours in the stadium!

During this eleven hours I was thinking about commitment. We planned 6 months ago to go to the concert, we committed time and money to the event, and we were more then willing to spend the unexpected 7.5 hours in the car for a once in a lifetime opportunity to see maybe the greatest band around.

It was so obvious during the concert that U2 is committed to bettering the lives of people around the world. People who need medicine, people who are treated unjustly, people who just need someone to care. And this band and the organizations they partner with are committed to making a difference.

It made me wonder why as Christians it is so hard for us to be committed. Shouldn’t we be ready to give of our time and money to help further the Kingdom of God? Shouldn’t we be willing to help out once a month in our local church to teach children about Jesus? Shouldn’t we be showing those who are lost and broken that someone does in fact love them and care about what happens to them? Shouldn’t we do that in practical ways? Shouldn’t that happen in our lives regularly, not just occasionally? But why is it so hard for us to make that commitment?

But then I thought well, maybe it’s not hard for us to be committed, it’s just that we tend to only commit to what we want to do. It would be easy for most of us to choose to spend 11 hours of our day committed to a concert we can’t wait to see, or to shopping, or to a movie marathon, or to golf, or to football. But it might not be as easy for everyone to commit to plug in at church. It might not be so simple to volunteer once a month. It might seem more of a burden to give more than one day. It is more uncomfortable, it is more long term and there is definitely less hype.

Why should it be comfortable? Jesus died on a cross. That was not comfortable. It was brutal, it was heart breaking, and yet it was completely necessary. For without that sacrifice none of us could know salvation, forgiveness, redemption, grace, unconditional love, truth! Yet, we want our commitments to be comfortable. We don’t really want them to be a sacrifice. We don’t want them to interfere with our lives.

I wonder too, why is there less hype? I mean JESUS DIED on the CROSS for our SIN so we could be SAVED from death!  But it didn’t stop there – HE IS ALIVE!  That is something to shout about. That is something to celebrate. That is something to share with everyone. You may not reach the millions impacted by a celebrity, but you certainly reach those surrounding your day to day. When you enter a room do you light up, does your joy electrify those you meet, do you leave people knowing that the God you serve is touching lives and worth finding out about?

Or are you too busy being comfortable to make a commitment?

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