The Mayflower

Today we talked about the Mayflower and the voyage the Pilgrims made to a new land.  They left behind everything familiar to them to sail across the ocean and make a new beginning.  It was not an easy journey and there were a lot of casualties.  Not every decision they made was perfect, but they were a community that worked together to start a new life.  They built homes, grew crops, lived life, and worshipped God together.  They could have given up and gone back to England; but in the midst of their trial they stood their ground.  Eventually, more people followed them to America and our great nation was founded.

Our founders weren’t perfect, just as we are not perfect.  No elected official can ever be enough.  No elected official can ever fix all the problems.  No elected official can ever heal all the hurting.   Only Almighty God can fix all that is broken.  God is on His throne.  He continues to reign.  We must pray!  We must take a stand for what is right, and holy, and true!  We must teach our children as we sit at home, and as we walk, and as we lie down so that God’s words will be life giving to their souls.

The pilgrims made the best of their situation and continued to put God first.  May we put God first in every season as we seek His heart for our nation.

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  1. Jamie Tufts
    Nov 08, 2012 @ 18:39:55

    well stated, plus cute grandsons 🙂


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