Thinking of Home Educating?

In the past few weeks I’ve had several people ask me about Home Education.  I’ll be honest, it was never my original plan.  Thankfully, God’s plans are always better.  Personally, I feel every family must seek God’s wisdom on their education journey.  Every situation is different.  For us it was the right fit.  It was what we are called to do.  It is our journey.

Home Education does not have to be complicated and it does not need to look like the traditional model of school.  You get to tailor it to your children and their learning needs.  Some days are a blast and you feel like you are doing awesome juggling the wife, mother, teacher, disciplinarian roles at home.  Other days are just plain hard!  Some days there is a lot of laughter and joy.  Other days there are a lot of tears.  Mostly mine.  Easy days or hard days I wouldn’t trade the experience.  I love being in the middle of my kids education.  I love seeing their eyes light up when something clicks for them.  I love being able to talk to them about their character throughout the day.  I love that my character is tested regularly.  I love that God is molding us to be more like Him.

So, if you ask me about school I’ll tell you why we do what we do and encourage you to do what you are called to do.  If you are considering Home Education and feel overwhelmed by the idea – know that not every day is easy, but every day is worth it.